A Luther movie has been mooted for a while now, with British audiences desperate for their favorite crime drama to be realised on the big screen. But it’s not just the fans who want it done; the show’s star, Idris Elba is keen for it to happen too, as he’s been explaining to IGN.

Idris ElbaElba wants a Luther movie, which isn't surprising

“There’s a massive possibility ‘cos I’ve been talking to Neil [Cross] about it for the last year,” he explained. “I think we’re finally got into the place, ‘right we’re going more forward with it’” Luther is currently enjoying its third season, which is made up of longer episodes, suggesting that the show would slide into film form without much work.

“I see it being a movie, you know?” Elba explained. “It has the scope. On television it has that cinematic feel to it. I wouldn’t change much for the films, to be honest, they’d just be on a bigger screen, and longer”. Was that a little slip of the tongue there? Did Elba suggest more than one film? Either way, a plot has been discussed. Elba suggests that Neil Cross, the show’s creator, wants to make it an origins story so we find out “Who is Luther and where he comes from.”

Idris ElbaWe think Elba would make a cool bearded Bond.

The ever-popular Elba, who is rumored to be in line for the role of 007 when Daniel Craig's turn is up, has just seen his new film Pacific Rim open to just under $40m on its opening weekend.