Idris Elba’s latest film Bastille Day is to be pulled from French cinemas at the request of production company StudioCanal. After Thursday’s terror attack in Nice, which left more than 80 people dead and more than 50 injured, the studio had pulled ads for the film, which had been released in cinemas the day before.

Idris Elba in Bastille DayIdris Elba’s Bastille Day has been pulled from French cinemas.

But now Studiocanal have asked French exhibitors to remove the movie from their theatres altogether. The film’s story involves a terrorist plot to bomb Paris and also stars ‘Game Of Thrones’ actor Richard Madden.

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Speaking to Variety, Jocelyn Bouyssy, the director of French cinema chain CGR said that they would comply with Studiocanal’s request to pull the movie. “We hesitated [over pulling] ‘Bastille Day.’ We decided to keep it because we haven’t received any complaints,” she said.

“The film’s narrative is very different from the attack that happened in Nice, and we’re showing many films with violence of all kinds. If we start pulling violent movies because they show this or that we’re basically giving in,” Boyseey added. “We must be strong and keep on living.”

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The film’s initial release was scheduled for February, but it was put on hold following the Paris terrorist attacks in November. The film was eventually released in the UK back in April and has so far taken $7.3 million worldwide.