Idris Elba has sparked a bidding war between the likes of Netflix and Disney for a new cooking show.

The 'Luther' actor is reportedly looking into becoming a TV chef and exploring his roots in the new series, which is yet to go into production but already has three streaming giants interested in the rights.

An insider told The Sun newspaper's TVBiz column: “Idris has created a television show all about exploring his roots.

“Idris will be seen going through his past and exploring his family's heritage and culture.

“Word has got around and Netflix, Disney and Paramount+ have all shown interest. There is a bidding war going on but Idris is still working out where he thinks the show would be best placed."

Although Idris and his production company signed a first look deal with Apple TV+, he is still able to "take the show elsewhere".

The source added: “He has a first-look deal with Apple TV+ and his production company Green Door Pictures but he can take the show elsewhere.

“Idris is a perfectionist and he will want everything to be just right before he decides who to go with.”

The 50-year-old has been keeping busy, and just last week he was awarded an honorary doctorate at Ravensbourne University London at the school's annual ceremony marking the graduation of 800 students of the creative and digital industries.

Addressing the students, Idris said: “Education is the exact foundation that I am standing on here today. Because of my education, I got to go places that I never even dreamed of going to.

“I wanted to be in the creative arts because I wanted to contribute, I wanted to have a seat at the table, I wanted to have someone that looked like me, to have something to offer, and my education prepared me for that.

“Ravensbourne stands for the very same values: putting skillsets in students and giving them an opportunity to have a seat at the table forever.

“So many amazing students have come from here and are still contributing. The truth is the learning always continues.

“I am super proud of this, because it’s an honour, but also, now, you lot can call me Doctor Dris.”