Idris Elba has been in serious training for his upcoming role in the film Bastille Day and he's been sharing his work out with his fans on Instagram. He just happens to be topless too.

Idris ElbaIdris Elba at the Global Citizens Awards in New York in September 2014.

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Elba uploaded the work out video on Thursday (9th October) on to Instagram and added the caption: "Training for my next Film. Bastille Day. Grinding." 

The Luther star is set to star in Bastille Day, an upcoming film in which he stars alongside Richard Madden (Game of Thrones) and Charlotte Le Bon (Mood Indigo).

42-year-old Elba will star in the movie, set to be released next year, as a CIA agent who is sent to investigate a terrorist attack on the Paris metro, according to Variety. A young American is linked to the attacks and is believed to be the perpetrator. Elba's character is reportedly sent to ensure the boy "disappears" to avoid causing the US government embarrassment but the CIA operative soon realises the boy is innocent. 

Idris ElbaIdris Elba at the Palm Springs Film Festival in January 2014.

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The thriller is evidently physically demanding the Elba shared his work out with his 220,000+ Instagram followers. The short video showed Elba doing push ups on a weight whilst a voice counted to ten. Elba was simply dressed in black shorts and trainers whilst a small gold necklace rested on his bare chest. 

Elba showed off the muscles in his torso, including an impressive six pack, and his well developed shoulder and back muscles.  But see for yourself!


Training for my next Film. Bastille Day. Grinding.

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