Months after Daniel Craig stepped down as Britain’s most famous spy and the rumour rumblings continue over who will become the next James Bond. With Tom Hiddleston’s turn in spy thriller The Night Manager over and his 007 potential seemingly less likely than previously, the possibility of Idris Elba stepping into Bond's MI6 shoes is back on the table.

Idris ElbaIdris Elba has the backing of Steven Spielberg to be the next James Bond

And now the Luther star has got a new backer: Steven Spielberg.

The celebrated director and producer has come out to say he feels the British actor should be taken on in the spy franchise.

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The Jaws and ET director said: "I am a huge Bond fan. I would love to see a Bond of colour. That would be my first choice.

"I think Idris would be my first choice of Bond if Daniel decides not to come back."

Spectre director, Sam Mendes has also left the next project and Spielberg revealed that he once wanted to be a part of the Bond movies.

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He said: "I called Cubby Broccoli twice. And after Jaws, which was a huge phenomenal success, I thought, hey people are giving me a final cut now and offering me all kinds of movies and the first movie I wanted to make was a Bond film.

"I offered Cubby my services and he didn’t think I was right for the part.

"Even after Close Encounters came out and was a big hit I tried to get on a Bond film."

Spielberg added: "Once again, he didn’t think I was right for the part."