Warning: Spoilers ahead. Last night’s Luther season finale might have been jam-packed with exciting twists and turns, but there’s only one thing anyone really wants to talk about: Alice is back. Fan excitement over the return of Luther’s brilliant anti-hero piqued and spilled out into various social networks last night, as Alice returned for an episode of high tension and superb dialogue. Seriously, the line “Some little girls grow up wanting ponies... I wanted to be a widow" should probably go down in TV writing history.

Idris Elba, Luther Still
Apparently, even President Obama is rooting for Luther's return.

As usual, the episode offered precious little information about Alice’s life away from Luther, prompting fans to rally around the old cry “Spinoff!” Aside from Alice’s return, this episode was the usual hectic jumble of darkness and angry screaming men, but a few moments did stand out. A particularly satisfying one – in a gruesome, bloodthirsty way – was George Stark’s all-too-timely death. Justice wasn’t completely served, since it wasn’t Luther that did him in, but still – balance was restored. Mostly. Sort of.

Ruth Wilson, Luther Still
Alice's (Ruth Wilson) return added an extra layer of tension.

Of course, the Luther story is far from over, and yet the BBC show’s fate is far from certain. Apparently there are two factors to consider here: writer Neil Cross’s intentions for the series and Idris Elba’s availability. One downside to the actor’s sudden surge in popularity is a hectic schedule, which might not leave room for our favorite cult TV hit. So until autumn, the best fans can do is hope and rally online – those fanfics aren’t going to write themselves after all.

Idris Elba, Luther Still
The show's future is as uncertain as ever.