It's been almost a year, but we will finally have Detective Chief Inspector John Luther back on our screens tonight; Tuesday 3 September, for more epic, brooding police drama. BBC America will air the first episode of season three of the hit crime drama amidst a flurry of rumour surrounding the very future of the show, with a potential movie deal on the way that might (or might not) end the series for good. But before we find out whether there's life in the show after season three, we get to enjoy the season first.

Idris Elba as John Luther
Idris Elba is back as Det. John Luther

Ending the last season with a 99 Flake in hand and with a girl he had just saved from the pornography industry, this season promises "more of the same," as the superhero-like detective is thrust back into the world of criminal activity, a world where many would fail, but he rises above it like a mighty stallion. He not possess any superpowers per-se, but his domineering frame, his super-genius intelligence and his burning desire to see the streets of London free of crime is enough to put him in a similar league to fellow detectives Sherlock Holmes and Batman (yep, he's that good).

The show does peter on superhero territory at time, but avoids looking over the top and absurd thanks mostly to writer and creator Neil Cross's expertly executed vision, his cutting dialogue and his depiction of a dystopian London. Of course, no great show is truly great without a stand-out performer, and in Idris Elba, Luther has just that. The intimidating super-cop just wouldn't be the same in anyone else's shoes, and like he did on HBO's The Wire as overly ambitious drug kingpin Stringer Bell; Elba has proven himsef time and time again as one of Britain's finest acting talents today.

Season three will see Det. Luther up to his neck with ne'er-do-wells and miscreants once again, finding himself at the centre of an internal-affairs investigation that threatens to bring his budding partnership with young detective Justin Ripley (Warren Brown). The series might start slow, with the two plodding around to get to the bottom of a double murder, but it will soon hot up as previous seasons have done, and Luther himself may even find himself as a suspect in one of the cases. Luther airs on BBC America on Tuesday (3 September).

Idris Elba Pacific
Could we see Elba in a Luther movie?

Idris Elba Rim
This boy can act