Pacific Rim looks like a ‘leave your brain at the door and enjoy the ridiculousness’ type of film. There’s no proviso, no pretention; it’s monsters, machines, aliens and saving the world.

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And so epic was the film, the stars believe they’re ready for any sort of apocalypse that might or might not strike the earth. “Yeah I’d be ready, because I’m the commander of the ship,” says the film’s lead star, Idris Elba when asked if he’s ready to deal with the movie’s events in real life.

Idris ElbaIdris Elba is cancelling the apocalypse

“I cancel the apocalypse, that’s the thing you gotta (sic) remember,” he continues, before his co-star, Charlie Hunnam interrupts him, claiming that he’s the one doing the cancelling. “I’m totally ready. If I’m going to die at any point in my life, would like it to be on a momentous occasion, whether it was an alien invasion or the end of the world, a zombie apocalypse – I am so ready,” said Robert Kazinksky, who plays Yancy Antrobus in the film. The stars were also delighted to hear that Kanye West has tweeted about his film. He called it one of the best films he’s ever seen in his life, and this excited hip hop fan Elba, who said he’d be tweeting back, calling him a “visionary”.

Charlie HunnamCharlie Hunnam thinks he is, though.