Iggy Azalea made a rather alarming revelation when she appeared on ‘Watch What Happens Live’ this week, about what happened when pop queen Britney Spears came round her house for lunch last year.

The Australian-born rapper, 25, appeared on Andy Cohen’s chat show on Wednesday (March 23rd) and revealed that an advance team came to her house and swept the place for drugs before the lunch was allowed to go ahead, so paranoid were Britney’s team about the possibility of a relapse following the 34 year old’s infamous battle with substance abuse.

Iggy AzaleaIggy Azalea revealed what happened before Britney Spears came to visit her for lunch

“They came and checked my place to make sure I wasn't trying to, like, stash anything weird and like give it to her or something,” she insisted of the 2015 lunch while they promoted their collaboration ‘Pretty Girls’. “I was like, 'It's just salad!’”

Cohen and fellow guest David Arquette were flabbergasted at what the ‘Fancy’ rapper had just told them, so the 47 year old presenter asked her to clarify what she meant.

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“Britney had advance people come and scope out the place,” she reiterated. “Yeah yeah - to make sure I wasn't a bad influence. And I'm not - I passed the test. So I'm glad she liked it.”

Cohen continued to shake his head in disbelief, and Iggy stressed: “They were very nice. I was like, ‘I promise, I'm not going to do anything bad - we're just going to have lunch’.”

Britney Spears Iggy AzaleaIggy with Britney Spears at the 2015 Billboard Awards

During her appearance, which sees viewers call up in-show and ask the guests questions directly to them, Iggy was also asked about the strangest rumour she had ever heard about herself. Her answer was almost as bizarre as her Britney revelations…

“The craziest rumor I've ever heard that really went around was that I had a sex change when I turned 18 and that I was born with a penis and that my name was Corey,” she said.

Cue more shocked looks from Cohen, as Iggy (born Amethyst Amelia Kelly) elaborated that her mom had already told her what she would have been called if she was a boy: “Why would my name be Corey? I would be Liam, that's my boy name.”

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