Though they’re reportedly the midst of relationship difficulties, Nick Young has his fiancée Iggy Azalea to thank for preventing him from making a different kind of huge mistake – a mis-spelled tattoo!

The 25 year old Australian rapper took to social media to show her devotion to her man by sharing how she stopped him from getting a huge tattoo spelled incorrectly across his back. Writing on Twitter on Wednesday night (April 27th) to her six million followers, she said:

“Guys, I wanna let you know. Nick can’t spell and if it wasn’t for the LOVE I have for him. He would have ‘BORN REBLE’ tatted across his back,” she recounted about the NBA player’s narrow scrape with major embarrassment.

Iggy AzaleaNick Young is lucky Iggy Azalea was on hand!

“I came in half way thru his tattoo and noticed ‘BORN REBEL’ looked different to the way I remember it,” she continued. “He really is lucky I mentioned it to him, I was gonna be petty and not say.”

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The L.A. Lakers shooting guard seems to have finally caught a break following a month of misfortune, in which not only his love life has been thrown into turmoil but also seen a pair of Kobe Bryant-signed sneakers accidentally thrown away.

It comes a number of weeks after his relationship with Iggy was called into question, after a video appeared online that seemed to capture him confessing to cheating on her last summer, apparently filmed by his Lakers team-mate D’Angelo Russell.

“I already said one more video, just one more thing and you will lose a quarter of your meat,” the ‘Team’ rapper told a Miami radio show earlier this month. “I’m not cool with it… Like you’ll have half a penis.”

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