Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora have just released their video for Black Widow and it’s basically the weirdest thing you’ll watch this week – music video category. Iggy and Rita play a couple of cleavage-rocking fantasy assassins, who are apparently on a mission to kill Rita’s boyfriend and Iggy’s annoying customer at her diner job – that’s the same person, by the way.


Iggy Azalea
If there's one thing Iggy knows how to do, it's rock a skin-tight outfit, like the one in the video.

So they basically do some unidentifiable martial arts, jump around in impossibly tight bodysuits, ride motorcycles and punch men. Apparently, this is Director X’s idea of female empowerment.

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The video is inspired by vintage kung-fu flicks and Quentin Tarantino’s signature style in films like Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction. Can’t see the Pulp Fiction in this video? The visuals are pretty different, but there are some recognizable moments – the diner where Iggy’s character works at the beginning of the video, or the kung fu studio, etc.  

As filler songs in between albums go though, this one is pretty catchy. And, if you’re into hot ladies kicking some serious tail (who isn’t?) then the video has a lot of that to offer. 

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Rita Ora
Rita Ora is no stranger to the good old leather catsuit either.