There might be a lot of reasons to dislike Iggy Azalea’s media presence, but we’re kinda siding with her on the whole sex tape issue. Privacy is a big deal in Hollywoodland and Iggy Iggs might be about to have hers encroached upon by an alleged sex tape about to be released by porn distributor Vivid Entertainment.

Iggy Azalea
While Vivid might have a recording, Iggy isn't having any of their threats.

According to TMZ, Iggy has already threatened the company with a lawsuit, if they use I-G-G-Y’s name in the title (or anywhere in the video), since the stage name and brand are protected by copyright law.

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As for the tape’s existence, it hasn’t been confirmed yet, but something is definitely a foot. First, Iggy’s legal team claimed the whole thing had been fabricated - it was a fabrication. They then changed their tune, saying that if it does exist she may have been a minor.  The "sex partner" - rapper Hefe Wine - told TMZ Live Friday there is indeed a tape and that an 18-year-old Iggy knew about it and consented.

For their part, Vivid still intend to market the team. Let’s see if Iggy’s lawyers actually mean business. The Aussie-born rapper addressed the matter in several tweets earlier this week.

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