Although Iggy Azalea always seems to be getting criticised as of late, one person she can count on to have her back is her NBA star boyfriend, Nick Young, who recently blasted ESPN anchor Robert Flore for brutally insulting the Aussi rapper.

Nick Young
Young will always have Azalea's back

Young became very annoyed with Flore during a Sportscenter segment when he addressed Azaela's recent tweets that revealed her man is "scared of Dolphins."

"According to Lakers Nick Young a dolphin tried to kill him," Flores commented during his report. "So Nick, while dolphins are trying to kill you, your girlfriend is trying to kill hip hop. Let's call it even, okay?"

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Unsurprisingly, Young didn't appreciate the harsh diss at all!

"I'm pretty sure we going to run into each other soon," the professional athlete tweeted to Flore. "You job is to talk about sports, not what me and my chick got going on."

Young's tweets have since been deleted and Flore still hasn't responded to the disgruntled basketball player. However, the anchor did send out a cryptic tweet that could relate to the media attention this situation has generated.

"Sooo.what's been going on today??" he asked his followers.

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Despite not receiving an apology, Young still may be wanting to have a stern word with Flore about criticising his lady.

"It's cool to talk about me all day and day. I find with that," the 29-year-old shooting guard tweeted. "I can take a joke .. That what I do joke, but I didn't see the point of that."