It's not been a great week for rapper Iggy Azalea, who has made the headlines after Steve Hirsch, the classy guy who leaked Kim Kardashian's sex tape in 2007 has claimed to have access to similar footage featuring Azalea and an ex-boyfriend. Iggy has fiercely denied the claims, but is now suing that ex, Maurice Williams aka Heft Wine, for seperate reasons.

Iggy Azalea
Azalea at the MTV Video Music Awards in August

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Azalea is suing her ex for releasing music from her early career without her consent. This news comes after Williams announced that he will release an EP by Azalea, entitled Inizio, on September 30th. Tracks from the EP first appeared on various music sites in July of this year, but were swiftly removed at the order of Azalea and her lawyers. In the lawsuit, Azalea claims the music was never finished and it has not been authorised for release by her. 

The plot thickens though, as the court documents state that Williams forged a record contract in his ex-girlfriend's name to make it appear as if the pair had an agreement in place. The court documents suggest that the content was stolen from Azalea's laptop by Williams sometime between 2007 and 2008. 

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The news is a blip in an otherwise great year for Azalea, who has been topping the charts with her music, signing on to star in the new Fast and Furious film, and colloborating on a show collection with famed designer Steve Madden. Meanwhile, Azalea and her lawyers have stated that they will sue should the rumoured sex tape appear online under her name.

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