He’s not exactly associated with Christmas, but Iggy Pop will be hosting two special festival shows on BBC 6Music.

It’s all part of a line up that includes Mick Jones and Paul Simonon of The Clash and Metallica's Lars Ulrich. Christmas Day will herald his first show; it’s called Rockin' Rebels and will be followed by an interview with Metallica drummer Ulrich, which is part of Matt Everitt's ‘The First Time’.

Then it’s New Year’s Day. Iggy’s show, on the first day of 2014 is called Heartbreak and Heartaches. The BBC said the shows would offer an "exclusive insight into the mind of one of the most influential rock stars of the last 40 years".

"To come up with the tunes that fit the concept of each show, I've had to dig back to things that I haven't heard in a long, long time," said Iggy. "I thought I better check these old numbers to see if they still made the grade for me.

"They still do. I've listened to all this music for the shows and it all flows for me," said the rock icon, adding that he hoped to "reach out and touch" the listener.

"Iggy Pop, Paul Simonon, Mick Jones and Lars Ulrich are fascinating characters and have recorded some great shows, with a wide range of eclectic and exciting music choices which could only be heard on a station like BBC Radio 6 Music, and we hope they will delight our listeners over the festive period," said BBC 6 Music head of programmes Paul Rodgers.

Iggy’s been silent for a while, but his last public outing wasn’t exactly successful. The legendary front man was accused of ‘selling out’ by many musicians and fans alike for appearing in Swiftcover insurance adverts, which featured a harrowing puppet of Iggy’s ageing figure.

Iggy PopCome to think of it, perhaps radio isn't a bad idea for Iggy...