Iggy Pop has been cast as the eye-stealing Sandman in horror movie maestro Dario Argento's new film.

The director and his star are now helping producers raise the money needed to make low-budget horror movie The Sandman via a crowdfunding campaign.

Argento will mine author E.T.A. Hoffmann's 1816 short story Der Sandmann for his film - about a creepy villain who steals the eyes of sleep-deprived children.

Iggy Pop, whose film credits include Cry Baby, Tank Girl, The Crow: City of Angels and Sid & Nancy, is urging his fans to donate to the cause so he can play the role of a lifetime.

He says, "I have long been thrilled and fascinated by the amazing films of Mr. Argento, all of which are master works. Yes, and also compellingly strange, beautiful, and full of relentless terror.

"If I could play the Sandman for him it would make my life complete."

The campaign launched on Wednesday (08Oct14) and had already received over $9,800 (Gbp6,125) in donations as Wenn went to press. The initiative ends on 8 November (14).

Argento and his leading man are offering up set visits and dinners with them in return for sizeable donations, while one fan will be able to pay his way into the film - he or she will be part of a scene featuring the Lust For Life hitmaker.