Iggy Pop enjoys twerking around his house.

The 67-year-old musician has said he was ''proud'' when Debbie Harry made comments earlier this year saying he had been twerking for his whole life.

In an interview with The Guardian in which she spoke about the stage antics of modern popstars, the Blondie lead singer joked: ''I think Iggy [Pop] has been vomiting and twerking for most of his career.''

When asked whether he had heard the comments, Iggy said: ''Yes, I was so proud.''

The Stooges frontman continued, admitting he is a huge fan of the dance move which involves him provocatively shaking his derriere, but isn't as good as his wife, Nina Alu, who he married six years ago.

He said: ''But I'll tell you something, when something with a good beat comes on, I twerk around the house with my wife. Her father's Nigerian and she can tweeerk. And I try. (sic)''

The singer also said apart from wiggling his backside, he is always trying to keep fit and skips meals in order to avoid looking like Homer from the animated television show, 'The Simpsons'.

He told The Sunday Times newspaper: ''I do get an appetite,

''I try to ride it out because I think it's only fair that I resemble myself.

''I was probably born to be 10 stone, and at my peak of obsessiveness I would run about nine stone. When it gets up to 10, I get like, 'Hey! What is this, Homer Simpson?' I start getting nervous.''