Iggy Pop loves to twerk around his house with his wife when a good song is played on the radio.

The 67-year-old rocker regularly throws some shapes with Nina Alu when they are chilling out together at home and admits the brunette beauty has mastered the dance style, which he thinks is partly down to her father being from Nigeria, Africa, where similar dances are traditional.

When asked what he thought of singer/songwriter Debbie Harry saying he invented twerking, he replied: ''I was so proud.

''When something with a good beat comes on, I twerk around the house with my wife.

''Her father's Nigerian and she can twerk. And I try. I like to shake that thing.''

While Iggy - who married Nina in 2008 - gets his thrills from twerking nowadays, the 'Really Wild Child' hitmaker used to get high on heroin, LSD, cocaine and alcohol, but claims he was rarely admitted to rehab because he was seen as a ''hero'' in the medical treatment facilities.

He added to Style magazine: ''I was pretty alky for a couple of years. I went from grass to hashish to LSD to heroin. Then coke and heroin.

''Then down the steps from there to meth and Quaaludes. Then, finally, all the way down to outside the liquor store at 6am, waiting for them to open.

''Finally, little by little, I was able to wean myself off that with a combination of craft and willpower.

''I had two very good doctors in my life. One was a shrink, who admitted me at a key time into an actual mental ward, where I didn't really belong.

''Most people would have put me in rehab, but in rehab I was a hero.

''I went into one - I'd had a relapse in the early 1980s - and it was all, 'Hey Iggy, I've got some Valium, wanna have a Jacuzzi?' ''

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