Iggy Pop has unveiled his clothing line for Sailor Jerry.

The 'Passenger' hitmaker has designed a range of three exclusive items entitled 'The Flash Collection by Iggy Pop' for the spiced rum brand which goes on sale today (21.10.14).

The collection's stand-out piece is a version of the singer's iconic denim vest adorned with the Sailor Jerry anchor along with the phrase ''Death Shall Triumph''.

The vest can be customised with a pack of 6 patches, featuring designs inspired by the brand's namesake, Norman 'Sailor Jerry' Collins' legendary tattoo creations.

Iggy, 67, explained: ''I dig Norman's tattoo designs and totally wanted to bring to life his awesome Flash Art in a clothing range. This is my first time designing a clothing collection and what's been really interesting is digging through all of Norman 'Sailor Jerry' Collins' work and learning all about the man, the legend!

''It was only through research for this collection that I realised how much we had in common, from our mutual love of art and Hawaii in the 70's through to hosting our own radio shows. I hope that my Flash Collection is one that Norman would be proud of and will help to keep that legend alive''.

Only 50 vests have been made for the collection, with each one numbered and signed by the rocker.

The final item in the range is a hand-crafted leather belt - of which 100 have been made - featuring a buckle in the Sailor Jerry icon of a shark rising from the sea, an image Iggy describes as a symbol of ''power and individuality.''

Sailor Jerry's Global ambassador, Louis Lewis-Smith, said: ''In many ways, Iggy is to music what Norman Collins was to tattooing; his work has defined and shaped a generation and left an indelible mark. So much so that both are referred to as 'The Man' within their field. To work with Iggy is a match made in heaven (/hell) and the pieces he's made are truly badass.''

The Flash collection denim vest, leather belt and set of six patches will go on sale in selected stores worldwide and online at www.sailorjerryclothing.com for a limited time only from today (21.10.14).