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28th April 2016

Quote: "I was impressed with Josh. He didn't look like the others there. He was the only guy besides myself who wasn't dressed up in some sort of satanic space outfit." Iggy Pop on his first meeting with pal and collaborator Josh Homme at the Kerrang! Awards in 2001.

28th April 2016

Quote: "I would take the guitar players in the Stooges and we'd look for kids in their school uniforms. We would say, 'Come to our house. We've got this record we know you're gonna love!'" Iggy Pop tried to recruit teenagers as fans while he was recording classic 1973 album Raw Power.

11th April 2016

Quote: "I would never play I Wanna Be Your Dog again, at a proper gig, without Ron. Those are his riffs, his sensibility." Iggy Pop can't play Stooges songs late guitarist Ron Asheton wrote.

21st October 2014

Quote: "You know, a lot of the best artists disappear for a few years at a time. You don't hear from either of the two principal Rolling Stones when they're not touring. Although one of them couldn't stand it any more and pooped out a book." Iggy Pop is not a fan of Rolling Stones rocker Keith Richards' 2010 memoir, Life.

24th March 2014

Quote: "It's still a very good earner. That was the beginning of my having any sort of success. I bought a place on Bleecker Street (in New York), and then I bought a house in Miami in 1998, and I've been there ever since." Iggy Pop owes a debt to David Bowie for recording their song China Girl and giving the punk icon a taste of success.

21st March 2014

Quote: "Long ago, during my different bachelor periods , some sexual partners didn't understand. They'd say, 'Come on, you're Iggy Pop. Whip me! Beat me! Hurt me!'" Iggy Pop's past lovers expected the punk icon to be a wild man in bed.

21st March 2014

Quote: "He called me one night... and left a message on my phone: 'Let's get together in the studio'. I called him back to be polite. I was not dying to record with him." Iggy Pop on turning down the chance to work with superfan Kurt Cobain before the Nirvana star died in 1994.

10th January 2014

Fact: Rocker Iggy Pop, former Eagles star Joe Walsh and British band New Order are set to headline the 24th annual Tibet House U.S. Benefit Concert in New York. The gig, which takes place on 11 March (14), will also feature acting couple Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard as Honorary Chairpersons for the show.

19th June 2013

Quote: "I reckon I can get myself down to that ridiculous degree of skinniness for Iggy." British actor Daniel Radcliffe dreams of playing veteran rocker Iggy Pop in a film and would agree to slim down for the part.

25th February 2013

Quote: "My motivation in making any record with the group at this point is no longer personal. It's just a pig-headed f**king thing I have that a real f**king group, when they're an older group, they also make f**king records. They don't just go and twiddle around on stage to make a bunch of f**king money. And then go, 'Oh! It wouldn't be as good!' This is not the f**king Smashing Pumpkins." Punk icon Iggy Pop insists his Stooges are still relevant as they announce an April (13) release date for their new album, Ready to Die.

24th January 2013

Fact: Rocker/actor Lenny Kravitz has replaced Iggy Pop as the new face of French clothing brand Eleven Paris. The American Woman hitmaker has posed for a shoot with model Charlotte Free for the company's 2013 Spring/Summer collection.

27th June 2012

Fact: Iggy Pop has recorded a duet with Best Coast star Bethany Cosentino for an upcoming episode of TV vampire drama True Blood. The odd couple's Let's Boot and Rally will debut during the end credits of a show to air in America on 8 July (12).

19th June 2012

Fact: Former The Smiths star Morrissey has landed Iggy Pop & The Stooges as his support act for an upcoming November (12) gig at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

10th September 2011

Quote: "What immediately happened was, right through my mind an imagery of the people I love... None of them were anywhere near what was happening in New York, but like ducks in a row, bing-bing-bing, everyone I love in my life just flashed before my eyes. That's what it did to me." Iggy Pop recalls what went through his mind as he watched the 9/11 terrorist attacks 10 years ago (01) on TV from his home in Florida.

22nd August 2011

Quote: "Then the alcoholic fog sort of cleared and I went, 'What are you doing?' Iggy Pop was sitting there going, 'Yeah, that's cool, man'. I didn't know what to do. It was so embarrassing." Ewan McGregor once did a drunken dance for rocker Iggy Pop, and immediately regretted it.

13th May 2011

Fact: Iggy Pop's contract with bosses at his licensing firm Bug Music forbids them from allowing advertising companies to use the punk icon's music in food commercials.

22nd September 2010

Fact: Joseph Gordon-Levitt will join Yoko Ono's Plastic Ono Band for shows at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles on 1 and 2 October (10). Lady GaGa and Iggy Pop will also be a part of the concerts.

1st September 2010

Fact: Lady GaGa and Iggy Pop will join Yoko Ono's Plastic Ono Band for shows at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles on 1 and 2 October (10). Perry Farrell, Sonic Youth stars Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon and actress Carrie Fisher are also expected to be a part of the concerts.

16th June 2010

Quote: "It's been the most comfortable period of my life when I have taken possession of the cliches that young rock stars are meant to have. Beautiful, sexy chicks, long legs: check. A fantastic, hot, convertible car: check. A house in the country: check. A place on an island: check. A really good band and fans: check!" Iggy Pop is smug about his success and lavish lifestyle.

19th April 2010

Quote: "In school... I learned creative writing. I learned advanced algebra and geometry, but I didn't learn there was such a thing as intellectual property. I didn't learn how to read a contract." Iggy Pop regrets his lack of business acumen throughout his career.

24th March 2010

Quote: "I said I'd do a trio with P. Diddy and Justin Timberlake, but they (record company bosses) never took me up on it. Like, 'So, Diddy, how about a little blood on your yacht?' I did meet Justin and hes a gent. I sat on his lap." Iggy Pop on plans for his career away from the reunited The Stooges.

16th March 2010

Quote: "There's a lot of power and money in this room, it's a big industry; if it makes the right decisions, it will stay an industry." Iggy Pop prods the music moguls at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony in New York. The punk icon and his band The Stooges were inducted on Monday night (15Mar10).

16th March 2010

Quote: "All the poor people who actually started rock 'n' roll music are cool." Iggy Pop in his Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction speech.

21st October 2009

Fact: The original members of Queen have been turned into LEGO versions of themselves for the upcoming music video game LEGO Rock Band. Freddie Mercury, Brian May, JOHN DEACON and ROGER TAYLOR join Iggy Pop and David Bowie, whose LEGO likenesses have already been revealed.

4th August 2009

Quote: "I am apparently about to become a Lego toy." Punk icon Iggy Pop.

24th June 2009

Quote: "I think it's now officially the world's worst form of music. Even a mid-level cumbia band in Venezuela sounds better than the biggest-selling rock bands. It's there to comfort people. And to keep things quiet. It's just not much fun. " Punk icon Iggy Pop mourns the state of modern rock and roll.

5th June 2009

Quote: "At first, I hated this miniature intruder in the house, competing for my woman! But, little by little, I began to see he had a lot of charm." Iggy Pop competes with his dog, Lucky, for his wife's attention.

24th August 2008

Quote: "Early on I was very affected by 1960s mysticism. I inhaled a huge dose of a gaseous substance called DMT. When I exhaled, I was driven to strip off all my clothes and gaze at the ceiling and there appeared a fantastically detailed Buddha." Iggy Pop on his drug-fuelled religious experiences.

22nd August 2008

Fact: Johnny Depp has reportedly reformed his old band THE KIDS for two Pompano Beach, Florida concerts next week (29-30Aug08). The band once supported Iggy Pop when Depp was a teenager.

12th February 2008

Quote: "I got the idea to sing shirtless from a book I read on Egyptology. I kept looking at the pharaohs and thought, 'These guys look bitchin' - they never wear shirts.'" Iggy Pop reveals his inspiration.

29th November 2007

Quote: "In terms of sound, it's hard to say. Iggy Pop maybe. IGGY has a beautiful deep quality and he's a real crooner." Johnny Depp on his rock'n'roll inspiration for the murderous barber he plays in new musical SWEENEY TODD.

10th September 2007

Fact: The former manager of David Bowie, Iggy Pop and Lou Reed is releasing a tell-all autobiography. Tony Defries promises his memoirs, titled GODS AND GANGSTERS, will include "candid revelations and private insights".

6th August 2007

Fact: Iggy Pop prompted a stage invasion at Sunday's (05Aug07) Lollapalooza festival in Chicago, Illinois when he invited the audience to join him for a sing-along.

13th July 2007

Fact: Iggy Pop will voice a character alongside Oscar winner Sean Penn in upcoming animated movie PERSEPOLIS.

19th June 2007

Fact: Iggy Pop has provided his voice for hit new U.S. animated series LIL' Bush. The punk icon plays former Defense Secretary DONALD RUMSFELD as a child.

4th May 2007

Quote: "I didn't want a reunion. I did not want to have a picnic anywhere and run through our old s**t." Punk icon Iggy Pop admits he initially didn't want to be part of a Stooges reunion.

17th March 2007

Quote: "People come up to me once in a while and yell at me for something I did to their house 23 years ago, like puking in their mailbox." Iggy Pop is still haunted by his hellraising past.

30th January 2007

Fact: Iggy Pop + The Stooges and Swedish rockers THE SOUNDS have been booked to perform at Jackass star Bam Margera's upcoming wedding ceremony.

13th December 2006

Fact: Iggy Pop's punk pioneers the STOOGES will release their first album in 34 years in March (07). The album will be titled THE WEIRDNESS.

18th February 2006

Quote: <p>"I hate a**holes in ties." Iggy Pop has no time for businessmen. </p>

12th January 2006

Fact: <p>Swiss rock festival Blue Balls has been fined 1,500 Swiss francs ($1,170/GBP650) after former STOOGES singer Iggy Pop blasted out his music too loudly. The Lust for Life hitmaker exceeded the 100 decibel sound limit by 2.5 decibels. </p>

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