Review of White Gum Single by Iglooghost

While we recently praised and are still worshipping Iglooghost's last single 'Bug Thief', we're now here to talk about latest song 'White Gum' from upcoming album 'Neo Wax Bloom'. Frankly, the hype is more than justified; this kid is revolutionary with his mystical hyper beats, as further proven by this newest track.

Iglooghost White Gum Single

The majority of Iglooghost's tracks show absolute mastery over both chaos and serenity, managing easily to balance the two. Nonetheless, 'White Gum' is pure fighting music. 233For starters, this track samples AJ Tracey's 'Naila'; a fairly animated grime song in itself with extra rapidity and high-pitched incoherence. It needs the speed in order to catch up with the lightning beats Iglooghost is firing out here. 

These are Venetian Snares levels of speed and pummelling, except Iglooghost's textures are so bright and sugar coated it's like knife thrower wielding sharp dandelions. 'Naila' may reference the anime where people settle scores with card games ('swiping my card like Kaiba / using the traps like Yugi'), but it feels way more like a Dragonball Z or Naruto battle.

This is arguably Iglooghost's most abrasive song to date, to the point that you wouldn't be surprised if extreme metal is an influence on him, yet he still manages to fit that layer of zen in there. Certain loops have a wholesome feel of a child hitting pots and pans, and the bridge has a warm, orchestral feel to it. Though even in the angelic 'breather' there are still gnarly thuds darting around everywhere.

This track has so many things going on in so many areas at such maddening speeds, that in lesser hands it could be a colossal mess. But with everything being held together with all dizzying aspects heading towards the same direction of Iglooghost's ultra-giddy vision, it's a monumental thrill. 

It almost feels like 'Bug Thief' was released before this to ease people into what was coming next. That song was like entering a new wonderland and 'White Gum' has more at home at a rave. What both songs are indicating towards is 'Neo Wax Bloom' being an absolute whirlwind. We're eager to go down every path 'Neo Wax Bloom' will open up for us.  

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