Iman has a commitment to always being glamorous.

The Somalian-born model - who is married to British musician David Bowie - has A Team of people to help her always look good and a wardrobe filled with wigs and "killer heels".

She said: "I don't do anything by myself. I have a whole crew to get me ready every day.

"I believe in glamour. I am in favour of a little vanity. I don't rely on my genes. Looking good is a commitment to yourself and to others. Wigs, killer heels, Pilates, even fillers - whatever works for you, honey."

The 55-year-old beauty also confesses her daughter with Bowie, 10-year-old Alexandria Zahra, likes to draw pictures of her, and regularly comments on her unusually long neck.

She told America's Harper's Bazaar magazine: "My daughter likes to draw. She'll say to me, 'I am doing a portrait, so you have to sit still.' And then she'll say, 'Oh my goodness, you have such a long neck. Weird!' "