Imogen Poots is "unconsciously" drawn to "dark roles".

The British actress - who made her name in zombie movie '28 Weeks Later' - prefers playing characters who have depth to them rather then the "object of a guy's affections".

She said: "Unconsciously I'm drawn to darker roles because they're more appealing than playing the object of a guy's affections. I like roles I can get my teeth into."

The 21-year-old star is also excited about her forthcoming movie 'Fright Night' - a remake of the 1985 movie of the same name - and fell in love with the location of the shoot, in which she stars with Colin Farrell and David Tennant.

She told Empire magazine: "I just fell in love with Albuquerque! I'm probably the only person you'll ever hear say that - I was there for three months and the sky was mind-blowing.

"The sunrises and sunsets are just incredible. I got carried away and have about 1,000 photos of the same cloud."