Imogen Poots was "delighted" to kiss Aaron Johnson in 'Chatroom'.

The 21-year-old beauty was happy to kiss the British hunk in the movie, and even describes a recent on-screen kiss with Michael Douglas in 'The Solitary Man' as "calm" despite the 45 year age gap between them.

Asked about Aaron she said: "T'was a delight!"

Discussing Michael, she added to the Independent: "We filmed it in a Penthouse in New York and I remember looking out the window. But I felt calm, because he was so calm. And really caring."

Discussing the Hideo Nakata-directed thriller, Imogen believes the storyline of the film - about a group of teenagers who encourage each others bad behaviour online - will be "controversial" to many.

She added: "I think it will be controversial because we didn't realise how dark the final cut was going to be! What you are capable of online can be horrific. It's quite a complicated story in the sense that the characters are multi-faceted, there are two sides to each part."

'Chatroom' was released in UK cinemas yesterday (22.12.10).