The nominations are in for one of the biggest independent film award ceremonies in the US; the Independent Spirit Awards; and this year there's some serious competition. Leading the nominations are 'American Honey' and 'Moonlight', though the biggest snub appears to be Richard Linklater's 'Everybody Wants Some' which received no nominations at all. 

American HoneyShia LaBeouf stars in 'American Honey'

After 'Everybody Wants Some!!' - the sequel to Richard Linklater's 'Dazed and Confused' - was nominated for Best Feature at the Gotham Independent Film Awards, we were all thinking it would do a great job at the Independent Spirits. But despite the critical acclaim, the limited release caused it to bomb at the box office, which must be the only explanation as to why it didn't get a chance.

The top two nominees, however, are 'American Honey' and 'Moonlight' with six nominations apiece. Both are up for Best Feature, Best Director and Best Cinematography, with 'American Honey' also listed for Best Female Lead (Sasha Lane), Best Supporting Male (Shia LaBeouf) and Best Supporting Female (Riley Keough). 'Moonlight' is nominated for Best Screenplay and Best Editing, and is actually the only one listed for the special Robert Altman Award which honours a film's director, casting director and ensemble cast.

MoonlightMahershala Ali stars in 'Moonlight'

Close behind is 'Manchester By The Sea' - another candidate for Best Feature, Screenplay and Editing, while stars Casey Affleck and Lucas Hedges are looking at prizes for Best Male Lead and Supporting Male respectively. Meanwhile, Jacqueline Kennedy biopic 'Jackie' is also up for Best Feature and Editing, with star Natalie Portman a good contender for Best Female Lead and Pablo Larrain looking at his first Independent Spirit nomination for Best Director.

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More top players are 'Other People' and 'Free In Deed', who are both vying for Best Male Lead and Supporting Female (Jesse Plemons and Molly Shannon for the former, David Harewood and Edwina Findley for the latter). 'Other People' are also competing with 'The Witch' for Best First Feature and First Screenplay, with other First Feature nominations being 'The Fits' and First Screenplays being 'Barry', 'Jean of the Joneses' and 'Christine'. 'Free In Deed' completes their list with Best Cinematography as well as the John Cassavetes Award which is only awarded to features that have been made for under $500,000.

Manchester By The SeaMichelle Williams and Casey Affleck star in 'Manchester By The Sea'

Completing the list of Best Features and First Features are 'Chronic', 'The Childhood of a Leader' and 'Swiss Army Man'. Meanwhile the remaining Best Male Lead nominations are Tim Roth ('Chronic') and Viggo Mortenson ('Captain Fantastic'), with Female Leads including Ruth Negga ('Loving'), Annette Bening ('20th Century Women') and Isabelle Huppert ('Elle'). In the Supporting Male and Female list are Ben Foster ('Hell or High Water'), Lily Gladstone ('Certain Women'), Paulina Garcia ('Little Men'), Ralph Fiennes ('A Bigger Splash') and Craig Robinson ('Morris From America').

The 32nd annual Film Independent Spirit Awards will take place on February 25th 2017.