Revered actress Ingrid Bergman's greatest regret during her illustrious career was turning down the opportunity to appear in Planet Of The Apes.

The CASABLANCA star was offered a part in the 1968 movie opposite CHARLTON HESTON and, according to her actress daughter Isabella Rossellini, was keen to appear so she could "disregard her regal bearing".

Rossellini tells London's TIME OUT newspaper, "She badly regretted turning down a part in the Planet Of The Apes franchise. I remember going to see one of those monkey movies with her and she was astounded at how well it had turned out.

"I know she was tired of playing roles which wouldn't allow her to discard her regal bearing. I think she realised that all those putty muzzles the ape actors would have liberated her from her image in an instant.

"But she hesitated, the part went to someone else, and she and Charlton Heston never again came as close to working together."

26/04/2004 21:32