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The Heinrich Maneuver
Single Review

Interpol  Single

Think Editors, think Joy Division and think R.E.M; there you'll find the baffling undertones of Interpol. Taken from the critically acclaimed forthcoming album from the NY quartet, 'Our Love To Admire', it becomes clear that there is nothing special about their new work. 'The Heinrich Maneuver' is wishy-washy, it's predictable and it's epic rubbish at its very best. Interpol are making a clear statement with their new song.they have no intention of being experimental or taking risks and they're satisfied with their high profile rock existence, not to forget their standard monthly wage for sitting around, scratching themselves.

This is a disappointing showcase from the U.S band. They are beginning to resemble the kind of band that take one step forward, into success, and two steps back at the same time, into unemployment. Hopefully it won't get that far.


Daniel Black

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