Review of Slow hands Single by Interpol


Interpol - Slow hands - Single Review

Interpol - Slow hands - Single Review

Slow hands

This rock ‘anthem’ will be released on June 27th. Interpol will re-release this track, which is their fourth and will be taken from their gold-selling second album “Antics”.

With similar vocals to Michael Stipe, this funky beat-driven track rocks out even though it’s fair to say that it’s dominated by pop! It has a wicked bass line and is quite hypnotic.

In a way the New York based band are quite artistic, and this song is mainly based around emotion and projects dark feelings.

The 4-piece will be playing many gigs this summer, check them out at Glastonbury, Manchester and Dublin.

The video to “Slow hands” is quite plain; however the lyrics are quite emotional talking about how someone’s broken his heart. Although, the lyrics are still kind of twisted in a signature Interpol style! It was directed by Daniel Levi. The lyrics of the song are quite image focused, paying particular attention to the world and its surroundings.

The track has kicking guitar riffs and pumping drums; however you just can’t help being hooked by Paul's vocals! They're so different and so weirdly unique that it makes you listen to him.

I love how the song changes half way through to a slow melody of just guitar!

Definitely one to watch out for!

Candice Finney