Ioan Gruffudd is begging a court to enforce the sale of his $2 million marital home before it is repossessed.

The 49-year-old ‘Fantastic Four’ actor says his ex-wife Alice Evans, 54, has been living at the Los Angeles mansion for free since they split in January last year, while he pays a $6,750 mortgage as well as insurance and property tax.

He added in a filing reported by the on Wednesday (07.12.22) he wants a judge to list the three-bed property in La Jolla for sale before it goes into foreclosure as neither he nor Alice allegedly have the money to cover missed mortgage payments said to total $15,271, as well as an unpaid power bill of $4,616 and $11,793 in back tax.

Ioan, who also details how he is getting little work or pay, added in his court papers: “Alice and I cannot afford to keep it, yet Alice will not agree to sell it.

“The rent for my apartment is $3,400 per month; I live there with my girlfriend, who has been paying the majority of our living expenses, and all of our rent, since September 2022 due to my financial circumstances.

“I have explained these financial circumstances to Alice and have asked her numerous times since we separated, through counsel, to help financially and to agree to sell the La Jolla residence… but Alice has not agreed to my requests or settlement proposals.

“I believe Alice is capable of contributing to the La Jolla residence expenses short-term. However, based on the information I have, I understand and believe Alice cannot afford to pay the expenses for the residence long-term.”

Ioan says in the documents, filed on December 2, he has had only one paid job as a presenter in the last year and is now relying on handouts from his girlfriend Bianca Wallace, 30.

He adds he has paid phone bills for his ex and their two daughters Ella, 13 and nine-year-old Elsie, as well as paid maintenance fees such as gardening and pool bills for the LA home.

He filed for divorce in March 2021 after Alice claimed on social media that her husband of 14 years was walking out on her and their girls.

Iaon added: “I am continually looking for new projects. I do not have any contract for future work at this time.”

He went public with his new relationship with Bianca seven months after his separation from Alice, who accused him of cheating – an allegation which has been denied by Ioan’s mum.