Actor Ioan Gruffudd has to snub the local bar when he returns to his native Wales because he can't keep up with his heavy-boozing relatives after residing in clean-leaving Los Angeles.
The Fantastic Four star has lived in L.A. since his big screen career took off in the early 2000s, but often jets back to Britain to see his family.
But the star admits he has lost the ability to tolerate alcohol after spending time with health-conscious Californians, and often has to decline invitations to the pub before dinner.
He says, "It does creep up on you, doesn't it though, Guinness? I have a pint of water in between each pint now. I've gone all L.A. haven't I?
"I can't keep up with them (relatives). When I go home now to Cardiff, they say, 'Let's meet around 4.30pm and get a good drinking session in before we go to dinner.'
"I say, 'No I'll meet you at five to nine' or whatever the dinner reservation is. There's no way I can have a session or a couple of drinks before."