Ireland Baldwin has got a tattoo in honour of her father.

The 19-year-old model has nicknamed Alec Baldwin, 57, ''squirrel'' and, as a tribute to him, had the French version of the word - pronounced ''Écureuil'' - etched on her wrist at West 4 Tattoo in New York City over the weekend, according to the New York Post's Page Six column.

However, the blonde beauty didn't just spend her time at the parlour sitting in the inking chair as she also tried her hand at being a tattooist by scribbling ''LA'' onto an employee.

A source added: ''She also endured a nipple piercing at the shop, but she just bought jewellery for an existing piercing.''

This isn't the first time Ireland has got a tattoo as she and her cousin Hailey, 18, got matching inkings earlier this year when they had 'Baldwin' etched on their middle fingers.

Meanwhile, Ireland - the daughter of Alec and Kim Basinger - recently opened up about her battle with crippling anxiety.

She said previously: ''There are so many moments I have taken for granted in this life due to my lack of presence. I have overlooked countless blessings and opportunities to start fresh, and I have neglected, manipulated, and lied to the people I hold dear to my heart, but more importantly, to myself. It hasn't been until recent months that I relearned what it truly means and what it feels like to be fully present.''