Ireland Baldwin was ''lost in darkness''.

The 19-year-old model has admitted she suffered from terrible anxiety attacks in the past but says she has began to ''relearn'' to be ''fully present''.

Taking to Instagram, she wrote: ''There are so many moments I have taken for granted in this life due to my lack of presence. I have overlooked countless blessings and opportunities to start fresh, and I have neglected, manipulated, and lied to the people I hold dear to my heart, but more importantly, to myself. It hasn't been until recent months that I relearned what it truly means and what it feels like to be fully present.

''For the longest time, I lost compassion towards almost everything i previously cared for and I was so lost in darkness, that I could hardly hold a real conversation with another human being long enough before I was due to have an anxiety attack and find my way out of it. (sic)''

Ireland also admitted she has taken a hard look at the last few months, insisting she's lucky to have met ''the most phenomenal souls''.

She continued: ''Tonight, I found myself pausing, multiple times, to look to my right and left and I continuously asked myself... How the hell did I get lucky enough to end up here? Why me? Why the past couple of months have I had the chance to meet the most phenomenal souls? Why are all these people giving me a chance to begin again? ...

''I love my friends, I love this beautiful planet, and I love new beginnings. and I love you all for making me feel beautiful and supported every single day! (sic)''