Ireland Baldwin's ex-girlfriend found their relationship ''weird''.

The couple had been dating for number of months before they split earlier this year around the time the 19-year-old model checked herself into rehab for ''emotional trauma''.

Speaking about having so much publicity surrounding their relationship, Angel Haze told NME magazine: ''It's weird. There's a lot of hidden truths that you don't really get, you know?

''I don't like relationships with f***ing other people who are in this industry. It's invasive. Like, the way that people treat us. Especially women.''

Meanwhile, Ireland recently admitted she had been suffering from anxiety attacks in the past after being ''lost in darkness''.

She wrote on Instagram: ''For the longest time, I lost compassion towards almost everything i previously cared for and I was so lost in darkness, that I could hardly hold a real conversation with another human being long enough before I was due to have an anxiety attack and find my way out of it.

''Tonight, I found myself pausing, multiple times, to look to my right and left and I continuously asked myself... How the hell did I get lucky enough to end up here? Why me? Why the past couple of months have I had the chance to meet the most phenomenal souls? Why are all these people giving me a chance to begin again? ...

''I love my friends, I love this beautiful planet, and I love new beginnings. and I love you all for making me feel beautiful and supported every single day! (sic)''