Irina Shayk says her daughter loves to help with her beauty routine.

The 35-year-old model has Lea De Seine, four, with her ex Bradley Cooper and she and the youngster have "fun" together when it comes to makeup and her skincare routine.

Asked how her routine has changed since becoming a parent, she told Harper's Bazaar: "It didn’t really change! Every mom knows how to multitask, so I always find time for my beauty routine. Now that my daughter is older, we have fun together with beauty rituals. She loves to participate in my beauty routine—from scrubbing masks off my face to playing with my favorite creams."

She continued: "I believe that happiness is the best makeup for a woman. When I’m happy, I feel the most beautiful. Another important beauty secret is to use natural products for self-care - like Alo's products. They will make your skin look its best. The special ingredient in the Alo products is Amla, an Indian Ayurvedic berry and antioxidant. My skin is always so radiant when I use them."

Irina believes that "less is more" and focuses on taking care of her skin instead of layering her face with makeup.

She explained: "Beauty comes from inside. A happy and kind woman is always beautiful. I usually do not wear makeup, but I always take care of my skin and use the best beauty products for it. I am definitely not a makeup girl. I love to have my skin clean, and usually only wear a moisturiser and a sunscreen."

What's more, the 'Hercules' star plans to relay her beauty philosophy to her daughter and teach her some of her Russian beauty secrets.

She added: "Less is more. Be happy in your own skin and be kind to other people. And a Russian beauty secret is to use a cube of ice on your skin in your morning beauty routine."