The musician was devastated to misplace the device because it was packed full of song ideas and videos of himself playing the new tunes, but he was later reunited with it thanks to a loyal fan who found the phone and sent it back to him.

"I've got tons of song ideas on my phone," he tells "But it was a bit embarrassing, really, in America we do runners (quick exits) from gigs - we jump offstage, jump straight into the cars and go haring off, and we stop at a gas station or a layby and change in the dark on our way to the airport.

"It sounds crazy, but I actually lost my phone in America doing that and it was full of ideas. I had no password on my phone, so this guy found it and he went through my ideas, and there's me sitting in my underpants in a hotel room on video singing and playing guitar! But I got a letter (from the man who found the phone) and he sent it back to me. He said he was a fan and said he loved my little performances on the phone! Of course, I thanked him and sent him a load of merch (merchandise)."