Bran Stark, one of the younger Stark family siblings, has not been seen on Game Of Thrones since we left him north of the Wall in season four. It wasn’t certain when he, or his younger brother Rickon, would be back in the series but we do now know Bran will be back. The actor who plays Bran, 16-year-old Isaac Hempstead-Wright has confirmed his character will be returning for season six of the hugely popular HBO series.

Bran StarkIsaac Hempstead-Wright plays Bran Stark in Game of Thrones.

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Hempstead-Wright confirmed his return in an interview with the Irish Examiner, published on Sunday (12th July). He is due to begin filming for the sixth season this month (July), but could reveal very little about Bran’s future.

“I can’t say a lot but I am back this season, and it’s going to get particularly interesting with Bran. He has some interesting visions,” Wright revealed. 

His character was sidelined for the last season of Game of Thrones and Wright still hasn’t caught up on season five. However, he is aware there is one major character who will not be returning (spoiler alert!) as Jon Snow met his demise in the season finale. 

Jon Snow, played by Kit Harington, is one of the show’s most popular characters and rumours have continued circulating which suggest his character may return in some way or other. Recently, one of the show’s directors, David Nutter, revealed Harington would not be returning. Although many fans continue to believe this is a red herring. 

Wright also had an input in on the debate. Harington had told him he would not be returning to the show, although Wright hoped he would be. 

“I don’t know (if he will come back). He’s said he’s not,” Wright revealed. “I wish he would because I love Kit and because the character’s so cool. Who knows? We start filming series six at the end of this month so we’ll see.”

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Game of ThronesJon Snow lasted five seasons but it's still uncertain if he'll return.