Throughout its recent penultimate season, 'Game Of Thrones' has managed to impress millions across the globe with some brilliant, jaw-dropping scenes, major twists and fast-paced story development. Though it's been a lot to get our heads around, that hasn't stopped many fans from coming up with their own theories; one of which has more people talking than most.

Isaac Hempstead Wright plays Bran Stark in 'Game Of Thrones'Isaac Hempstead Wright plays Bran Stark in 'Game Of Thrones'

That's the theory that Bran Stark (Isaac Hempstead Wright) and the Night King are the same person, despite them both existing in the same time frame. Now, the theory gets very complicated, but in short, many believe that all of the people named Bran throughout Westerosi history have been able to use abilities to varying degrees to look into the past, present and future, and to warg into other beings.

When it comes to time travel, things can get very complicated indeed, but this theory believes that Bran has travelled to the time in which the White Walkers were first created, became their King and allowed an 'evil' side of his personality to take over. It's a confusing theory for sure that would take a lot of explaining if it were to come true, but now Wright himself has spoken out on the chatter.

Speaking with THR, Isaac Hempstead Wright said of the theory: "I don’t know. I think it’s a little bit far-fetched. But the whole Hodor thing, if I had read that as a theory, I would have said, “Nah, this is crazy.” So, who knows? Although I have to say, people are now comparing my face to the Night King and going, “Yeah! It’s him! It’s over, there’s no question about it!” And I’m like, “I don’t look that much like the Night King, do I?"

Aside from the hilarity that Wright doesn't want to look too much like the Night King, it's good to hear that the actor is open to the possibility he could be part of one of the biggest twists in the show's history.

Putting all of that aside however, the theory does seem like one of those that would never come to pass. It may be more likely that Bran will find out a way to warg into either the Night King or the now undead version of Viserion, something that Wright also has something to say about.

He said: "That would be good, if he could warg into him. But I don’t know what the logistics of that are now, considering he’s under the control of the White Walkers and the Night King. Why hasn’t Bran ever just warged into the zombies and stopped him? I don’t know if he can do that. Who knows whether he actually can warg into Viserion, if that ever were to occur."

Whatever the case may be, it's going to be a very interesting final season, whenever it hits the small screen. We can't wait to see what happens.

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The final season of 'Game Of Thrones' is expected to debut in either 2018 or 2019, on HBO in the US and Sky Atlantic in the UK.