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21st October 2014

Quote: "Ellen Pompeo did something that the network said don't do - she took an Instagram picture with me, and it went around the world before I got home on the first day of shooting... They wanted everything to be secret and closed, but Ellen broke that." Isaiah Washington felt really welcomed when he returned to Tv medical drama Grey's Anatomy earlier this year (14). The actor was fired from the show in 2007 after reportedly using a derogatory term during an altercation with gay co-star T.R. Knight.

20th March 2014

Quote: "The script is so amazing... It will blow you away... I was not expecting this... (Writer) Shonda Rhimes is a genius and something happens when she and I get together... but I'm absolutely humbled and over the moon with what I read last night. I could not believe it. I had to stop and just say, 'Well, Ok, now what? What is the world going to do after this...?' It's all positive... I wanna know what she eats, what she drinks... I have no idea where it comes from." Actor Isaiah Washington can't wait for fans of medical drama Grey's Anatomy to see his return to the show after reading creator Shonda Rhimes' script.

19th March 2014

Quote: "He always wanted to be a garbageman. He told me that that's what he wanted to do, as opposed to rap. He and I both actually were filming in Canada and we jumped on the back of a garbage truck and he was very excited." Actor Isaiah Washington reveals rapper pal DMX's secret obsession.

13th May 2011

Quote: "I got a call from a former castmate, giving me a heads up back in May (10), saying that you might end up coming back in October of last year, but I heard there was something between the producers and the network... I think they got a little nervous about (the) media and the call never happened." Actor Isaiah Washington on rumours he's set to return to TV medical drama Grey's Anatomy. He was fired after infamously using a gay slur during a heated exchanged with Patrick Dempsey on the set.

20th June 2007

Quote: "He's a large contribution to the show and I consider it a loss." GREY'S ANATOMY star Eric Dane on news co-star Isaiah Washington has been fired.

16th June 2007

Quote: "When T.R. (KNIGHT) came out, I did cry. Such tremendous courage. Most people don't have to come out to the world like that." Ellen Pompeo on her co-star's announcement he was gay following the onset fight, in which now-sacked actor Isaiah Washington `outed' him.

17th January 2007

Quote: "It's in our new negotiated contracts that we have to be 150 yards away from each other. That's the new thing." GREY'S ANATOMY star Isaiah Washington jokes about the on-set scuffle he had with co-star Patrick Dempsey last year (06).

20th November 2006

Fact: Even royalty can get starstruck on the set of hit medical drama GREY'S ANATOMY - THE DUCHESS OF YORK, Sarah Ferguson, recently visited the cast of her favourite show and was left speechless when her hero Isaiah Washington presented her with an autographed scrub blouse.

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