The long-awaited 'Ghostbusters 3' looks set to have a more female-led cast than the two earlier films.

That's according to Canadian producer and director Ivan Reitman, who's revealed he's discussed the issue with fellow director Paul Feig, the man who is leading the project.

He said: ''On the drafts that I've been supervising, there's always been a very important female presence. It's nice to know that Paul is interested in the same thing. I met with him because I'll be producing whatever the new 'Ghostbusters' is.

''The studio is very interested in it, and certainly Aykroyd and I, and the late Harold Ramis until he passed away. We'll see. I don't like talking about it because this thing has been in such flux for so long that people, particularly online, are annoyed about it, and that's not anybody's desire or hidden plan.''

The 67-year-old, who worked on the two earlier 'Ghostbusters' films, revealed that one issue delaying the project has been the reluctant attitude of Bill Murray.

He explained: ''[Bill is] somewhat reluctant about most things. I think that affected the timing of things, to a great extent.

''We all wanted him back, at the centre of it, as well. But I think there's still a great story in 'Ghostbusters' and a great conceit about it that has held true, for all these years. And I think there's a great movie to be made, with a new cast, as well.''