J. Cole is set to feature on Joey Bada$$ album.

The 22-year-old musician - whose real name is Jo-Vaughn Virginie Scott - is believed to have secured the 32-year-old artist, Schoolboy Q and Styles P on his upcoming LP titled 'All-Amerikkan Bada$$', and the star has teased the upcoming music medley will be his ''most important hip-hop album''.

Speaking about the forthcoming project on Twitter, he said: ''This is the most important hip-hop album in a long time. Blood sweat & tears into this.

''First body of work I made that isn't about me... This is about us. For the world. Universal sound. Legends they never die. (sic).''

'All-Amerikkan Bada$$' is set to be released on April 7 this year, which is rumoured to have the 'Apparently' hitmaker feature on the track 'Legendary', whilst Schoolboy Q can be heard on 'Rockabye'.

Joey's LP will be made up of 12 singles, which will also include his 2016 hit single 'Devastated', as well as 'Temptation', 'Y U Don't Love Me?' and 'For My People', as well as many others.

Meanwhile, the 'Black Beetles' hitmaker believes a new term should be made up to describe him as he doesn't consider himself to be a ''mainstream rapper''.

Speaking previously, he said: ''It's funny, because I don't consider myself a mainstream rapper, either. They need to make a new term for me. I'm like a major-indie.''