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Ja Rule U my ni99a...fuk all deze haters me and Murda know u gone to da top and u still there

Posted 14 years 9 months ago by shattown murda

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i just love ja rule the music video & the song your body is the bomb

Posted 15 years 11 months ago by rule baby

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mad haters y ya'll hate n on ma man ja rule...............ya'll gotta stop...... the man can rap u got it going on ja and i cant wait for him 2 come out with a good ass hit song so alot of ya'll haters cant shut up nomatter wat ja gonna always got his fan haveing his back cause he is one in a millon.........and oh yeah dat beef with 50cent ja dont even waist your time with him cause he aint s**t by da way who likes 50 his ugly ass he got beef with ja so ja fan gonna have beef with 50cent and am one who cant 50cent fake ass wanna be gangster and oh yeah were u at now 50 guess u fan out of rap lyrics dat first album blew u up but i aint here s**t from u now .........luv u ja rule always stay strong u got a family 2 take care of

Posted 17 years 1 month ago by diamond4life

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ripnicka why u saying all dis no need of all this, look wat u say to others another person would do the same if at all u a rapper or something i dont hate 50, but i just love ja more, and is time we start holding down our bro. black or white cos one day u might not have the chance to do so, stop discouraging any.

Posted 17 years 8 months ago by nextstep

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Ja keep holding it down am feeling u right here and p/s dont quit yet we all love u

Posted 17 years 8 months ago by nextstep

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I must say i am jarules biggest fan in the world, and i have stood up to anyone of my friends who have tried to bring him down concerning his beef with 50cent. I will love it if jarule and ashanti make a crazy and hot return by conquering the music world like they used to, so that they can put 50cent and some haters to shame.

Posted 17 years 9 months ago by dolapo10

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if you love rule, you can see his new video atwww.jarule.combefore you can see it anywhere else!

Posted 17 years 11 months ago by rule's girl

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I luv Ja Rule, and i wanna know why everybody in Brazil are talking that Ja is dead. There are a lot of teens and adults, like me very very nervous about that...please, send us goog knews.... hurryWaiting for you....Bianka Brazil

Posted 18 years 1 month ago by Bianka

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while i just i to that ja rule is a good and fast rapper who is ready to face any s**t comming against while i want to tell 50 is to keep away from death if ja kill him i will.

Posted 18 years 2 months ago by boosterflip

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