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Ja Rule
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Ja Rule Exodus Album

The hey day of Ja Rule's popularity are well behind him yet it's hard to believe that Ja Rule had so many smash hit singles. 'Exodus' is the first official greatest hits album from Ja Rule with 16 cuts just shows what a hit wonder he was. Starting with the early tracks like 'Holla, Holla' and 'Put It On Me' to the addition of the modern classics 'Wonderful' and 'New York' 'Exodus' is every rappers dream of a greatest hits album with a collaboration list of A-Lists Bobby Brown, R Kelly, Jay-Z, DMX the list goes on.
Poor Ja, when he started he was set to be the next biggest rapper, producing such anthems that are still played today, even collaborating with such huge stars as Jayz and DMX so early in his career on the gritty 1999 anthem 'It's Murda'. The 2000's breakaway album 'Rule 3:36' was released and who can forget 'I Cry' and 'Put It On Me' with Lil' Mo given him the crown of Hip Hop for the ladies yet no one was expecting the mind numbingly catchy 'Always On Time' breaking Ashanti to the world at the same time
It doesn't seem like only 3 years ago 'It Must Be The ASS' was pumping out of every radio and car speaker system over the summer, it seems strange to have 'Ain't It Funny Remix' and not the 'I'm Real Remix' both with Jennifer Lopez, appearing on 'Exodus', with all of this glory for so long it was only time before it run out. Then came the feud with 50 Cent and the rest of G Unit, forcing Ja Rule to break his hit pattern and release darker singles like 'New York' and the unforgettably catchy 'Clap Back' however it was to late and Ja Rule lost all the popularity he had built.
'Exodus' is a memorable greatest hits album to be proud of least he didn't have to fill it with previously unreleased tracks like some of them rappers have to do. Every single that Ja released was in the top 10. The album does not include the Murda Inc compilation 'Down 4 U' still the album is one of the best greatest hits album from a rapper in a long time.

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