Jack Johnson stepped in at the last minute to cover Mumford and Son's slot. Not only did the singer have to find a band, learn a whole host of new and old and quickly practise, he also made the time to compose a short acoustic song about the festival.

The four day festival which takes place in Manchester, Tennessee was first held in 2002 and has been hugely popular and influential. Johnson has a history with the festival, having performed at the first one and headlined in 2008. Johnson was, conveniently, already at the Bonaroo Festival when he received a call on Thursday (13th June 2013) as he was appearing as a special guest, performing alongside Animal Liberation Orchestra.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, the singer said he was expecting 'a train wreck' owing to the short time he had in which to prepare. Johnson has recently been out of the limelight, working on his new album entitled 'From Here To Now To You', due to be released on 17th September. The singer paid homage to the British folk band, singing his version of 'The Cave' which was greeted with vast audience participation and applause.

Other performers included Bjork, who out-did her swan-dress fiasco by appearing in a sci-fi inspired 3D dress, resembling a giant intergalactic dandelion. Paul McCartney, R.Kelly, The Lumineers and Billy Idol also played. The festival and Johnson have been praised for their quick thinking an organisation skills.

The singer may have remained in his centre stage seat for the majority of the two hour performance but the crowd, figuratively speaking, did not as Johnson led sing-alongs to some of his signature tracks.

Mumford and SonsMumford And Sons at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards. 

Ted Dwane
Ted Dwane performing at SECC, Glasgow.