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I am a 64 yr. old great grandma, but Im a rocker and I know a genius when I hear one. Jack and Meg got my heart and soul. I cant get enough of them.It seems Jack can do anything, rock, coutry, blues. folk, movie soundtracts and its ALL good.Best lyrics ever. Love the fact that Jack and Meg are are so close. Marriage ruins a lot of friendships lol You can see the total respect they have for each other.I hope they have love and happiness all thier life.I would love to see them live. I saw Paul Mcrtney twice and the only band that is worth that much a ticket would be White Stripes. My kids and thier kids love them too.

Posted 11 years 1 month ago by mary7117

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I only found one of their albums 2 years ago when i was looking through the hundreds of cd's we got. I played seven nation army and thought how could I not have known about them lolTHe more I heard the more i liked them and i even use their music to train horses I found out that they came to New Zealand about 3 days befor i found that cd and I was soooooooooo pissed off and they havn't come back since :(I went to america last september and we drove to texas and we pretty much went strait past tennisee but we didn't have time to go to nashville by the looks of things i wont be able to get to see them live:(

Posted 12 years 3 months ago by filly.blue

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i love The White Stripes i like them so much that when i had braces i had to have them red and white ive got all their albums and who wouldn't. I can't believe Billy Childish saying that he has a better moustache come on he looks like Adolf Hitler he needs to get a life just because Jack has one doesn't mean anyone can critisize him. Im definately going to buy The Raconteurs album on May 16th i love the video to Steady As She Goes its funny with the cows well i went a little off the subject with the whole Raconteurs thing but anyway i love the white stripes they got me into drumming they are my idols. I seem to be the only one in my school who likes them but im very happy to represent them at school lol

Posted 14 years 4 months ago by De Stijl

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I love the white stripes music,I have become addicted to the music.The only other band that i can say I love all there music is led zepplin.All there music is different and is meaningful,Jack and Meg are fantastic together.They will never be a one hit wondertheres just too much talent in both of them.I seen them in providence ri and I just fell in love with the music even more.all I listen to is the stripes.I work at women and infants hospital in providence r.i.in the lab and theres a stripes following inthe lab.Its unbelievable,we sit and talk and exchange music.We Love you in rhode island.

Posted 14 years 7 months ago by little ghost ri

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Hey, I am a 17 year old boy from the cold Norway. I will just say that Jack is my idol, i not kidding, i have the same hair due and walk in the same clothes (almoust hehe) as he. and when i get enough money i am gonna order i brand new Eastwood Airline p2 guitar. i have playd guitar since 2000.. one of my iggest dreams is to meet jack, bot on my dream list number 2 is to get jack whites personal email adress, (if he has one) well ceep rocking jackie, and good luck with you baby.. your friend 4 ever Dani The Grim Reaper

Posted 14 years 8 months ago by Dani White

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