Karen Elson, Jack White’s estranged wife, has filed a restraining order against the White Stripes musician. According to the documents, Elson claimed that White had been harassing her with a series of profanity-laden emails, as well as contacting Elson's paralegal "in an inappropriate and aggressive manner"; making derogatory comments about Elson to the couple's business manager, in an attempt to "harass and embarrass [her]" The story was first reported by the Nashville City Paper.

Jack White, University College Dublin
Elson alleges that White has an explosive temper.

The situation had reportedly gotten so bad, that Elson was afraid for her own safety and that of the two children she shares with White. The restraining order was granted by a Tennessee judge last week, on June 22. According to the document, White is forbidden from having "any contact with [Elson] whatsoever except as it relates to parenting time with the parties' minor children."

Karen Elson, Serpentine Gallery Summer Party
The singer and model divorced White in 2012.

It is unknown how this decision will affect the ongoing custody battle between Elson and White. The pair married in 2005.

They shared quite an unusual ceremony, opting to tie the knot in a canoe on the Amazon. Apparently romance alone couldn’t save the relationship, however, as White and Elson ended up separating in 2011, with the divorce papers officially filed in 2012.

The custody battle is still going on, but Elson has described her ex-husband as an unfit father, who refused to attend family counseling and whose violent temper has become a danger to her and the children. With the restraining order granted, it’s not looking good for the rocker’s custody rights.

Jack White, Karen Elson, Met Museum of Art
The couple married in 2005 and separated six years later.