Jack White's new songs are ''good gardening'' tracks.

The 42-year-old singer has admitted he has returned to the studio to record new music, which will follow 'Lazaretto' in 2014, and the star believes the new music is appropriate for people when they are outdoors or doing DIY.

He told Interview magazine: ''I've been recording in New York, Los Angeles and Nashville. I've never recorded in New York or LA before. I tried to go to some new places and meet musicians I've never met before, and see if I could get to a new place.

''I'm getting somewhere. I'll send you something. It's good gardening music or roofing music or, you know, back-alley stabbing music. I'm trying to think of some good activities that people haven't written songs for yet.''

White - who is known for being in The White Stripes - has previously revealed he was desperate to make music like the late Michael Jackson.

Speaking previously about his work, he said: ''And I want to write like Michael Jackson would write -- instead of writing parts on the instruments or humming melodies, you think of them. To do everything in my head and to do it in silence and use only one room.''