Jack Whitehall played at London's Soho Theatre, on Saturday, in preparation of his upcoming UK arena tour 'At Large' in February 2017. Making his own personal announcement and welcoming himself to the stage, Whitehall played to an intimate 140 seater capacity venue.

Jack Whitehall

Opening up his set by recalling his recent trip to the U.S. and telling us how he tried to break America only for his efforts to be thwarted by continual misfortune. Whitehall was off to a great start and continued by regaling us with his excitement in seeing a fellow passenger watching his DVD while up in the air. Nonetheless the comedian's proud moment was ruined, as the person in question, turned off his DVD after 5 minutes instead choosing to watch the in-flight entertainment.

Hotels were the next topic of focus as Jack explained how he had to switch hotels while on tour. He actively showed how he loved staying away from home because of the "hotel freebies" he received. Listing many of the "freebies" he had gained while on tour that included a surprise which he pulled out of his back pocket to the astonishment of audience members.

No topics were left unturned by the comedian as he was just as happy ripping into A League of their Own co-stars Freddie Flintoff and Jamie Rednapp as he was talking about his recent experience on the Royal Variety show and his brief encounter with Prince Harry. Whitehall demonstrated affection towards the royal family member and how he would love to see the prince in charge of the country, even if it was only for a week.

A highlight of the set included how the comedian experienced his first Muslim wedding and touching on taboo subjects of how they do not drink at the ceremony. Whitehall described how this led to an encounter with an 8 year old child in saving the day in playing a game of "would you rather?". The comedic style Whitehall projects through his engaging and charismatic persona is conveyed to the audience and it's easy to see why he is one of the popular comedians, personalities and panellists on the TV in recent years.

Whitehall's set was a strong first work in progress show and one of the best preview's I have seen in recent years. The Whitehall's set was confident from start to finish with not much material not needing alteration for the mammoth 'At Large' arena tour that is ahead of him.

Official Site - http://www.jackwhitehall.com/