Madcap Jackass star Johnny Knoxville is relieved two store employees who quit after appearing in his Bad Grandpa film have returned to work.

One female worker walked away from her job at Galaxy Foods in Apex, North Carolina after an encounter with Knoxville's Irving Zisman and another woman, who chased the character after spotting him performing a shoplifting prank without her knowledge, also quit.

But the Tv and movie stuntman admits he has been keeping an eye on the two women after learning his actions led to them becoming unemployed - and he's glad they've both returned to their jobs.

In a chat on Thursday (05Jun14), one fan asked Knoxville if he knew the first lady was back at the grocery store and the funnyman replied, "yes i knew she quit her job that day,and i knew she eventually went back to work. we had never had anyone quit there (sic) job before so we were very concerned.

"we monitored that situation closely and were very happy when she went back. the other lady in the shoplifting scene, the one that chased us out into the parking lot, she quit her job too. and for a much longer time. thankfully she went back to work too."