A hoax circulated last week claiming actor and martial arts master Jackie Chan had died. Last week Chan calmed worried fans by posting a picture of himself with the day's date (June 21st 2013) displayed on a newspaper. Chan writing on the post said 'I took a photo with today's date, just in case you don't believe me!'

This is not the first time Chan has been rumoured to have died. The same hoax occurred in 2011 when a Facebook page claiming to be in memory to the actor went viral. 

Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan at a hand and foot print ceremony at the TCL Chinese Theatre, L.A.

The Karate Kid actor keeps in constant touch with his fans on Facebook, regularly and personally updating his status and photographs. These updates include a regular feature called 'Throwback Thursday' in which Chan posts pictures of himself from various times in his career. 

Fans on Facebook celebrated the news the actor is very much alive. Despite the fact that Chan has not appeared in films for some time, fans still greatly admire him with one fan commenting that he browsed Chan's facebook to 'make sure you're fine. Am a big fan for a long time. Really enjoyed watching your movies and like your natural sense of humour'.

Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan at 65th Cannes Film Festival, 2012.

In dealing with this latest hoax, Chan certainly has proved he has a sense of humour. Chan seems to find rumours surrounding his life amusing including as he commented on the post gossip concerning his engagement and his dogs' health. 

Chan also confirmed that his dogs are perfectly healthy and used the opportunity to clarify, that contrary to previous reports, they are Golden Retrievers and not Labradors. 

Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith
Jackie Chan with Jaden Smith whom he starred alongside in The Karate Kid