Jaycee Chan, the 32 year old son of action star Jackie Chan, has apologised publicly following his release from jail after serving a six month sentence on drug charges.

Jaycee ChanJaycee Chan with the director Kenneth Bi at Sundance 208 [Getty/Bryan Bedder]

Wearing a black suit, Jaycee who is also an actor, told reporters in Beijing he would now be focusing his efforts on film and music projects as well as spend more time with his mother Lin Feng-jiao.

"As a public figure, this incident has had a negative impact on society, disappointed those who support me as well as caused those who worked with me to suffer losses. I do not have a reason, and do not have an excuse. I have done wrong," Jaycee has been reported as saying.

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"After this incident, I have changed my outlook on life and my values. In the past, I really did not know how to cherish everything around me. I said in court that although I have received punishment from the law, it does not mean I have received society's forgiveness, because trust needs to be earned gradually over time.”

"What I need to do right now is to apologise to society for my mistakes. I am really sorry, I will be a law-abiding person from now on.”

Jaycee was not accompanied by his parents at the press conference, however he did answer reporter’s questions on his famous family. "I know my parents love me a lot. It is my mistake and I have to take responsibility for it,” Jaycee said, Adding, "I hope to apologise to them properly and celebrate the Chinese New Year with them.”

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Chan was first arrested in August after he tested positive for marijuana and police found 100 grams of the drug at the actor’s Beijing home. In December he was then formally charged with "the crime of sheltering others to take drugs.”

The case received intense media attention both in China and abroad, due to the Chan family’s celebrity status as well as Jackie Chan’s position as an anti drug ambassador in his home country.